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Welcome to Karen's creative world, where artistry and innovation converge. With a strong focus on graphic design, I bring a wealth of expertise and a fresh perspective to every project. Graduating with five distinctions in visual art and design in 2000, I embarked on a journey that would shape my artistic identity.

  • For many years, my primary focus was on graphic design. I had the privilege of working closely with my father, as well as collaborating with advertising agencies, media houses, and small businesses. Together, we have created visually captivating and influential designs. I honed my skills in digital aesthetics, typography, and user experience, crafting designs that seamlessly blend form and function. These experiences have allowed me to develop an intuitive understanding of visual communication and the power of design to captivate and engage.

  • Life has a way of reshaping our creative paths. With the passing of my beloved father, I underwent a profound transformation. I delved back into the realm of painting, immersing myself in the rich textures, colours, and emotions that can only be expressed through brushstrokes on canvas. This journey has been one of self-discovery, of unearthing my authentic voice and exploring the depths of my creativity.

  • Whether through graphic design or painting, my aim remains the same – to create meaningful and impactful experiences through art. With a strong foundation in visual art, graphic design and WordPress website development, I bring a versatile skill set to my artistic endeavors. Whether you're looking for captivating artwork, innovative graphic designs, or a stunning website that showcases your own creative journey, I am here to bring your vision to life.

  • Let's embark on a creative adventure together, let's collaborate to create designs that captivate, websites that engage, and artwork that inspires. Contact me via info@karenhermans.com, Instagram or LinkedIn to discuss how we can collaborate and bring your artistic dreams to fruition!