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Welcome to this creative space, where artistry and innovation converge. With a strong foundation in visual art, I bring a versatile skill set to my artistic endeavours.  Since very young I was surrounded with creativity and was encouraged to experiment with the arts and play. Graduating with five distinctions in visual art and design in 2000, I embarked on another phase of my creative journey that would shape my artistic identity.

Some Background

For many years, my primary focus was on graphic design. I had the fortune of working closely with my father, as well as collaborating with advertising agencies, media houses, and small businesses. I’ve been incredibly privileged with opportunities to delve into diverse projects. Across varied industries, I’ve contributed to crafting visually striking and impactful designs. I have refined my skills in digital aesthetics, typography, and user experience, crafting designs that blend form and function. These experiences have allowed me to develop an intuitive understanding of visual communication and the power of design to captivate and engage.


Life has a way of reshaping our creative paths. With a sudden personal loss in 2021, I underwent a profound transformation and in 2023, guided by an inner calling I delved back into the realm of painting, Enrolling in a professional art mastery program, I eagerly absorbed knowledge and was immersed in the rich world of textures, colours, and emotions that can only be expressed through brushstrokes on canvas. This journey has been one of self-discovery, of unearthing my authentic voice and exploring the depths of my creativity. It’s not merely about honing the techniques of artistic expression, but rather about embracing the profound journey of mastering life itself – striving to become the fullest expression of one’s potential.


Whether through design or art, my goal remains steadfast: to craft meaningful and impactful experiences through creativity. For me, being an artist transcends mere vocation; it’s a way of life—a perpetual state of perceiving, a deliberate channeling of energy towards creativity, and a deep attunement to subtleties.

With a wealth of expertise and a unique perspective, I approach each project with dedication. Whether you seek captivating artwork, innovative graphic designs, or a stunning website to showcase your creative journey or products, I’m here to collaborate, guide, and breathe life into your visions.


Let’s embark on a creative adventure together, let’s collaborate to create designs and artwork that inspires. Want to know more or book a consultation? Contact me via, Instagram or LinkedIn to discuss how we can collaborate and bring your artistic dreams to fruition!

NEW ART Series coming soon…

These images offer glimpses into an upcoming series of paintings.

Within this new abstract realism collection, delicate wings flutter amidst a kaleidoscope of colours, while the essence of the divine feminine dances in harmony with elements both earthly and otherworldly.

Each piece in this series serves as a testament to beauty and transformation, capturing hints of realms beyond. It’s visual art that celebrates the intricate connections between nature and the soul.

Raymond Siebrits, Klein River Cheese

“Working with Karen is as seamless as having a full-time professional in our business. Turnaround times are epic, communication crisp, and results always exceed expectations. This is highly valuable for a small business that cannot carry a permanent talent. Karen also brings a friendly, human, and personalised element to the projects we undertake together – something sadly lacking in today’s remote and over-digitised world. We would highly recommend Karen’s services for creative and technical design – whether it be from developing brand identity, packaging artwork, digital real estate, or even just a traditional old business card.”

Devin Abrahamson, Frixion Adventures

“From my first interaction with Karen, all the anxiety and pressure of coming up with a completely new brand and logo diminished immediately.

Karen had a great organic system whereby she would send ideas/thoughts/examples and we would back and forth with each other. She guided me in ways I had very little knowledge about. The way a logo needs to fit into social media platforms, black and white vs color, contrasts, simplicity vs complex and most importantly the different formats. She provided me with ALL the formats I needed and still use all the time for stickers, marketing material, printing of mugs, contrasting black and white and for designing my social media posts. She is efficient, extremely professional and gave me great advice after the project was completed. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen Hermans for your Digital Design needs and requirements.

Thank you so much Karen, I love my company’s logo.”

Derric van Rensburg

“Study any known South African artist and you will find that for many, their professional career as fine artists were born out of the discipline of Graphic Art training and time spent in the Advertising industry. The same is true of Karen Hermans. This artist has served time in these disciplines and now joins the ranks of other artists as she explores and reveals her real intent in the visual arts. I have shared time with this artist and she has grown towards the decision to reveal her real love and intent to establish herself as a fine artist.“

Anita Hodson

“Karen is a wonderful artist. She captures much more than just the physical attributes of her subject in paint. This stems from her ability to see deeper than most.”

Neil McPherson

“Karen is an incredibly talented individual. Working with her on projects that require both speed and precision, is always a great pleasure. She is also an outstanding artist, particularly oils, in her own right. I am always aware of the amount of painstaking attention she goes to, with every job she tackles. Karen brings something unusually special to every project she works on.”

Dr Angela Assad-Levin

“I had the pleasure of experiencing Karen’s skill in web design. It was a seamless process.  She was patient and understanding and professional at all times.”

Let’s make something amazing together