December 10, 2013


As an artist, my intention is to create artwork that captures or expresses something – it maybe beautiful, functional, perhaps wild and timeless or pieces that are just playful and fun. As a practicing designer, I understand the value of aesthetics – how to create compelling design work and how to interpret a brief according to the clients needs.

The ideal aim for me is to dive passionately into creating, into a space where time ceases to exist. The results do differ. Some artwork generally may enhance a space, excite, or even evoke a thought, memory or emotion. Whatever it is, I hope it does speak to the viewer in some way.

I'm passionate about exploring, learning, playing and being creative.
Inspired by nature, the elements, imagination, the Great Masters, people/cultures, stories, movement and emotion.

A Lover of the arts, nature, music, travel, Yoga & Pilates and the erot- creative energy we all possess.

Enquiries for projects, commissions, collaborations etc. email me or connect through LinkedIn.